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iPeople Manpower Resources Inc.

What we do

Recruitment Process

iPeople's recruiting process efficiently finds, assesses, and chooses qualified applicants for employment.

Local Sourcing

Our local sourcing aims to create a mutually beneficial ecosystem that benefits both the employers and the local community.

Overseas Sourcing

Working with trustworthy overseas partners helps our business take advantage of global prospects and gain a competitive edge.

Talent Acquisition

iPeople's talent acquisition goes beyond traditional recruitment by focusing on long-term talent strategies, employer branding, and creating a positive candidate experience.

Short-Term Staffing

We offers flexibility, agility, and the ability to scale up or down quickly in response to changing business conditions. 

iPeople Recruitment Management System

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Makati Office

iPeople Manpower Resources Inc. is a Philippine-based manpower recruitment agency that links Filipino workers with international employers looking to fill their labor requirements for professional, skilled, and semi-skilled workers.

4813 Valderama St., corner Evangelista St., Brgy. Pio Del Pillar, Makati City, Philippines 1230 


Phone: (+63 2) 854-197-84