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Our unique candidate management system allows us to comprehensively evaluate not just qualifications, but also the oft-neglected aspect of a candidate’s fit to your organization. We take time to assess requirements, parameters, and other important intangibles based on the needs of your company, and work closely with you to develop strategy. iPeople manages implementation and stays on top of the whole hiring process.

Pooling, pre-qualification, and screening of candidates
Eligibly and background checks
Government-approved skills and trade testing (if required)
Administrative assistance during interview
Customized face–to–face interview arrangement
Employed Contract
Pre-employment briefing
Booking and travel arrangements
Employment and travel documentation
Pre-departure orientation

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We go beyond deployment. We maintain communication with employees to support their welfare, and with employers to gauge their satisfaction. Working with iPeople means obtaining an effective partner to secure your human resource needs and contribute to the growth of your business. Allow us to bridge the gap and extend your reach.

General Querries!

iPeople specializes in various industries such as healthcare/medical, education, construction, oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, corporate (administration, finance, and accounting), IT, food and beverage, hospitality, warehouse and logistics, and retail. We recruit for a wide range of job positions, including managerial, technical, administrative, and customer service roles.

Our recruitment process involves several stages. We start by understanding the hiring needs of the employer and creating a detailed job description. We then utilize various channels, including online job boards, social media platforms, and our extensive network, to source potential candidates. After reviewing resumes and conducting initial screenings, we conduct in-depth interviews to assess candidates’ skills, experience, and cultural fit. Finally, we present a shortlist of qualified candidates to the employer for their final selection.

Ensuring the quality and suitability of candidates is our top priority. We utilize a combination of screening methods, such as resume screening, skills assessments, behavioral interviews, and reference checks. Additionally, we may conduct background checks, verify educational credentials, and validate work experience to ensure the accuracy of the information provided by candidates.

For niche or specialized roles, we employ targeted recruitment strategies. This may include proactively searching for passive candidates with the desired skill sets, engaging with professional networks and associations, and leveraging our industry connections. We also maintain an updated database of potential candidates with specialized skills and expertise.

Confidentiality and data protection are of utmost importance to us. We have strict internal policies and procedures in place to ensure the security of all information shared with us. We adhere to relevant data privacy laws and regulations, and we only disclose candidate information to potential employers with the candidate’s explicit consent. We also utilize secure platforms for communication and maintain confidentiality agreements with our clients.