DMW License

   We are thrilled to announce that iPeople Manpower Resources Inc. has recently obtained the renewed license from the esteemed Department of Migrant Worker. This accomplishment stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to the highest standards of compliance and dedication to the welfare of our valued foreign workers. With this renewed license, we reaffirm our responsibility to protect the rights and interests of our migrant workforce, ensuring fair and ethical recruitment practices that align with international standards.

   At iPeople, we understand the significance of fostering a safe, respectful, and supportive environment for our migrant workers. This renewed license reinforces our mission to provide exemplary manpower solutions while prioritizing the well-being and dignity of each individual under our care.

   We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Department of Migrant Worker for their diligence in assessing our practices and granting us this renewal. We also express our gratitude to our clients and partners for their continued trust and collaboration, which has been instrumental in our growth and success.

   Moving forward, iPeople Manpower Resources Inc. remains dedicated to upholding the principles of transparency, integrity, and social responsibility in all aspects of our operations. We will continue to work tirelessly to empower our migrant workforce with opportunities that lead to personal growth and prosperity.

   With this renewed license, we embark on a new chapter of excellence, further solidifying our position as a leading provider of ethical and reliable manpower solutions in the industry. Together, we look forward to a future marked by progress, mutual trust, and shared success